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As you may have heard, there are some exciting things going on at St. Cyril of Jerusalem School.  The School appointed Ryan Halverson as its new principal last Fall. He comes to the School with extensive teaching credentials at the elementary and high school level here in Los Angeles, and with a wealth of ideas and exuberance to better the School and the educational experience being provided to St. Cyril students. In his few short months at the School he has energized the faculty and students with new programs and ideas for learning.  But, he and the School need our help to advance the School and maintain its status as the finest elementary school in the area.

The sole mission of the Foundation for St. Cyril of Jerusalem School is to support the School in its afterschool and faculty enrichment programs, and provide some funds for tuition assistance. That has been our charter and we continue to support those programs through our liaison with the School and the funding that comes from our contributors over the years. 

The Foundation continues to fund the expanded after school science program.  Within the past six months, a new innovation science lab has been established. It will be used in combining the new after-school robotics program with the after school science and math programs, offering students an exciting and fresh new approach to learning science and math concepts through a different medium that is not only educational, but fun.

The Foundation recognizes that the most fundamental element of learning is teaching. This is why we support faculty enrichment – to provide the School’s teachers and administrators with additional training to keep them abreast of new developments and changes in education and teaching methods. To that end, last year the Foundation funded teachers participating in workshops, seminars and courses to improve skills and methods to implement the use of iPads into the teaching methods and integrate that process into the use of existing SmartBoards and computers at the School. This year, the Foundation is similarly funding teacher attendance at other seminars that will further the best use of electronics for classroom instruction and research on homework projects for the students. The use of interactive electronics systems and their integration into the teaching process at St. Cyril has energized the teachers into new ways to provide an even better education for the students of this School. 

Finally, the Foundation continues to help fund the tuition assistance program at the School. In the difficult financial times for many over the past several years, these programs continue to maintain the opportunity for many children to attend the School and partake in the rich Catholic education and traditions for which the School stands – without such funding, their attendance might not be possible and the School would lose many wonderful students. 

This is an exciting and changing time for education. The Foundation is here to assist and support the School in its efforts to keep abreast of these changes and be a forerunner in the quest for offering the finest Catholic education for elementary school children. It is the support of those that have contributed so generously to the Foundation that allows it to fund the programs that improve the School.  This, in turn, allows St. Cyril to be at the forefront of Catholic elementary education. 

We hope that you will help the Foundation in its mission to support the School’s commitment to academic leadership and teaching excellence by funding enrichment and enhancement programs that foster personal and academic achievement. Only through your contribution will the Foundation be able to expand its mission to help the School and its students. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We thank you for your support.

Very truly yours,

Joseph Kimaz, Chairman