Curriculum Enhancement

Curriculum Enhancement

Faculty Development

Faculty Development

Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance

When you become a donor you will make a difference in the lives of young people of Saint Cyril School now and in the future.

A special thank you to the parents, parishioners, corporate sponsors, and other friends who have contributed to The Foundation for Saint Cyril of Jerusalem School.  Your contributions make educational excellence a possibility for the youth in our community.


Angels($1 - $9,999)

Ms. Marie Aboularage

Mr. Jack Anastasia

Msgr. Carl Bell

Mr. Robert Bennett

Ms. Isabel Boniface

Mr. Joseph H. Casey

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Casey

Dr. Thomas S. Condon

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Cooper

Ms. Brigitte Culhane

Dr. and Mrs. Robert De Stefano

Mr. and Mrs. Rick Delena

Mr. and Mrs. Marc Dibie

Mr. and Mrs. Brett Donowho

Mr. Matthew Dornan

Mr. Edward Elliott

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Elliott

Mr. and Mrs. Hazim Elmeligy

Mr. Robert Engel

Mr. and Mrs. Danny Fuster

Mr. Brian Given

Mr. Peter Given

Mr. Matt Grimaldi

Ms. Joanne Gripentrog

Ms. Joyce-Dorothy Haigh

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hines

Ms. Marylin Kadzielski

Ms. Mary P. Kane

Ms. Nancy T. Kane

Ms. Sharon Leahy

Mr. Richard W. Mader

Dr. and Mrs. Sidney A. Malcolm

Ms. Sylvia Manassero

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent McEveety

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Montanio

Mr. and Mrs. James Moylan

Mr. Paul Napier

Mr. Bernard Nefkins

Ms. Joan Pankratz

Ms. Mickey Payne

Ms. Elizabeth Pierce

Mr. Raymond Prochnow

Ms. Brenda Saborio

Mr. and Mrs. Brain Simpson

Ms. Mary Kay Spears

Mr. John Starr

Mr. George J. Stephan

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Stromsborg

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Swofford

Mrs. Loretta Toggenburger

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Torres

Ms. Dolores Tukich

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tyler

Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Wagenbach


Archangels($10,000 - $24,999)

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Scullin


Principalities($25,000 - $49,999)

Ella May Crane Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Casey

Mr. Samuel Curtis

Mr. Charles T. Dooley

Ms. Judy Doolittle

Mr. James Fitzgerald

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kimaz

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Pyle

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Scullin


Virtues($50,000 - $74,999)

Dr. and Mrs. John Given


Cherubim($75,000 - $99,999)

Mrs. Mary Margaret Thompson


Seraphim ($100,000 and above)

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Casey


Corporate Supporters


SFE Investment Counsel

Take A Number

Ventura County Community Foundation



Make a Gift

Make a Gift

Alumni Association 

Alumni Association